#FReadom Campaigns & Actions

We can all share positive messages about reading, books, and access to information. Instructions for all of our actions below.

April - Letters to Editor

Use these instructions to send a letter to a local paper during April (for National Library Month). The letter can relate to current events in your area, or just be a letter in support of libraries and how librarians support students. Let local papers hear from library supporters!

Click here for TIPS on writing your letter.

After you write your letter or after it is published, please document it here in our form so we can gather statistics! (anonymous if needed).

Date: All of April |

April - Drop Everything and Read Banned Books (D.E.A.R.B.B.)

April 12 is Drop Everything and Read Day. This year, we encourage you to create a "Drop Everything and Read A Banned Books" event - depending on your school, host this either before or after school, off campus at a public library, in homes, etc. or if your campus permits it, host it at school. Take photos of friends reading with friends, and share them online with the hashtag #FReadom! Let's get kids reading and celebrate the right to read!

Remember to follow any school district policies if planning this during school day. Feel free to invite media as well! Helpful tips are HERE.

Date: April 12 | Time: All Day

February #FReadom Fridays

  1. Wear your #FReadom shirts or wear Red.

  2. Share posts on all social media channels with #FReadom.

Date: Every Friday in February | Time: All Month Long

Download the official Librarian Power Pose Image or Download the official Reading a Challenged Book Image to share on social media!

February #FReadom Fridays


On social media during the month of February, school librarians can post a librarian power pose pic using our official image. Tag us in your post and use #FReadom.

Possible Text:

"I am a ___ librarian! I fight for #FReadom ___"

On social media during the month of February, ANYONE can post a reading pic of you reading a challenged book or in a library using our official image. Tag us in your post and use #FReadom.

Possible Text:

"I support #FReadom! I read challenged books because..."

Previous Actions

January Goals

There are TWO Actions below.

  1. Contact local school board members and district administrators to inform or remind them about the role of librarians. Also to remind them to uphold district board policy regarding book reconsideration and to generally speak to the power of books for ALL students.

  2. School librarians can highlight their collections and number of students they serve to meet reading and inquiry needs.

Date: The Month of January | Time: All Month Long

January Action: School Board Campaign


January is School Board Recognition Month, so write a school board a positive letter or email in support of libraries and access. There are THREE optional letters below that you can cut and paste or make a copy of if you have a GMail account and/or adapt to make the message your own. You can email a singular board member, a group of board members, and/ or include the superintendent.

Write a letter/ email to:

  1. your own area school board members

  2. a school board in a district near you

  3. a school board in a district that is facing book challenges

How to find email addresses:

On the district webpage, locate the school board or trustees page. You can do a keyword search on the district’s website if you can’t locate it in the menu, or even Google “_______ ISD School Board” and it should list their contact information. Some districts have a group email for board trustees, and some you have to email each member.

Click Here if you have a Gmail account to make a copy of the letter/ email.

Click the Use Template button.

Click Here if you have a Gmail account to make a copy of the letter/ email.

Click the Use Template button.

Click Here if you have a Gmail account to make a copy of the letter/ email.

Click the Use Template button.

After You Write Your Letter:

After you write and send a letter (success!), please fill out this short Google form.

Photo by Emil Widlund on Unsplash

January Action: School Librarian Social Media Posts


On social media during the month of January, school librarians can post the number of students &/or stakeholders the library serves, the number of books in your collection, and a picture of your library, or any combination of that information. Tag us in your post and use #FReadom.

Possible Text:

We all serve diverse communities. The materials in our libraries serve all our stakeholders and meet a variety of educational and personal needs and interests.

In our library, we serve ____ (number) students/ stakeholders. We have ____ (number) books. We provide access to ____ (number) online resources for student inquiry.

The American Library Association says, "Intellectual freedom is the right of library users to read, seek information, and speak freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment. Intellectual freedom is one of the core values of the library profession; it promotes access to information and guides the defense against censorship."

🟡 🔴 🔵

Social Media Posts

Every Friday, share positive reading posts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, or Snapchat. Share what you love to read, share about books that have made a difference to you or to readers in your life. Share your work as an author or illustrator.

At a time where many of us are feeling on the defensive regarding books and access to Information, we need to flip the message. We can control what we share!

The Goal

Create and send out into the world a positive message to highlight a book or books that bring students and adult readers joy, empathy, understanding, pride, excitement. This will show the support of book lovers to the attention of #Txlege members.

Date: Every Friday | Time: All Day

Sample text might include:

I loved _______ by __________ because it helped me realize _________. #txlege #FReadom

_______(book title) by __________ made a difference in my life because _____________. #txlege #FReadom

Use this official #FReadom image when you post social media or use your own picture of the book.